Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dance Competitions Would Be More Fun If...

The other day, over on Twitter, I posted a few things that I thought would make competitions more enjoyable.  One of my followers suggested I open it up to everyone, so here's what we all  had to say:

So take note, competition owners...maybe you could learn something from your customers!   While some of these were meant to be funny, some people had quite a few interesting things to say!

I also might suggest that you take your most serious recommendations over to Dance Competition Hub if you have a particular competition in mind.


Dance Competitions Would Be More Fun If...

  • they weren't so expensive!  (*editor's note: and getting more so every year with no improvements made to justify the increase)
  • judging was more consistent across the entire lineup up studios, not individually.
  • Judges stopped giving all the awards to the girls who can do the most tricks.
  • they offered recliners/real coffee/real food.
  • they brought in those massage chairs like they have at the mall.
  • if u could throw tomatoes?
  • If the judges weren't so damn close at some of the venues -.-
  • ...if DPP and I were at the same comp. we'd light it up! BAHAHAHA! (*editor's note: I've got bail money!)
  • if all moms complimented someone from another studio!  (*editor's note: This is awesome!)
  • every venue had a fully stocked bar/you could drink during it!
  • if we didn't focus so much on the competing part
  • if awards were shorter... Just 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • they served wine... (*editor's note: I've been to some that do!)
  • THAT studio didn't come to every freaking one & take it
  • people were appreciative of other peoples talents instead of rude and jealous‼️
  • awards weren't 27 hours long.
  • we all became friends
  • they were longer
  • your rival studio didn't stalk you everywhere
  • parents weren't allowed to come :P
  • they didn't give me anxiety attacks weeks prior
  • every audience chair came with a heated massage setting, a snack, beverage service and was auto reserved.
  • Bigger dressing room and guaranteed food or food vendors
  • I think an exciting awards ceremony is vital. The kids love the music and flashing lights and tossing beach balls around. Free giveaways... those junky little stuffed animals they throw into the crowds or rarely a t shirt or 2. Maybe some kind of ongoing sweepstakes for the parents that culminates at the end award ceremony??
  • There were bigger dressing rooms.
  • All teams were FORCED to follow rules and time limits. Meaning studios should notify the competition as soon as schedule is announced if they have routines too close together etc. The comps should give a deadline to report the conflicts THEN put out a final schedule. Final schedule meaning FINAL. If dancers aren't ready to go on when it's time that routine is scratched. Doesn't perform and doesn't compete. Prop isn't set up within the time frame stated in rules ... deduct a good amount of points or disqualify routine. A routine clearly competing in a level below their ability ACTUALLY gets bumped to correct level. Competitions would be more fun if good rules are set in place and strictly followed.  (*editor's note: SO MUCH THIS!!!!)


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