Thursday, February 20, 2014

A How Not To Do It Guide for Dance Competition Packing

Getting ready for the first competition of the year around here is like watching a squirrel in need of Ritalin.

We've got to pack! We've got to pack! When can we do it between work, school, rehearsal, housework, meals?

Ok, dance bag packed. Did the Dream Duffel shrink? It looked so much bigger when it was empty.

Oh wait, we forgot... shove one more thing in the bag. Make mental note that we need a hand steamer.

Run to store. Again. OK. Done.

Oh crap. we forgot... and great. Can't find any of that in town. Must go to a different town to shop.

Repeat x 3.

Last rehearsal before competition: teachers hand you a list of “new” things that you need - that you did not already have.

Go back to store.

Don’t forget the little things: band aids, snacks, ice packs, sedatives (these can be for you or that pesky mom who needs to settle down a little bit. “Here, have a Tic Tac”)

It’s likely you'll still be stopping at the CVS at 6 am on the way to the venue because one bottle of Advil may not be enough.


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