Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There's Always One Kid Who... (follow up to There's Always One Parent Who)

Much like the parents, studios usually have one of each of these kids too!

There's always one kid who:

  • is late to every competition, rehearsal, or performance.
  • shows up expecting other people to get them ready.
  • misses rehearsal more often than they show up.
  • wouldn't/couldn't point her toes if her life depended on it.
  • thinks she's on the prima ballerina track, yet can't plie to save her life.
  • couldn't turn in a tornado. 
  • has no clue how much potential she has.
  • has to be in the middle of everything, all the while stating how much she hates drama.
  • forgets something at every competition or performance.
  • is the studio princess that always manages to get her way, despite the rules.
  • does not seem to ever be able to make a mistake - she dances flawlessly.
  • can turn for days.
  • shows up to every class looking like she just got out of bed.
  • shows up to every class looking like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine.
  • doesn't want to be there, but her parents are making her.


Sharon on January 28, 2014 at 10:46 AM said...

I know this kid!!

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