Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stuff Dance Moms Say - Stuff Dance Dads Say


  • Please don't take your eyelashes off at the table.
  • All of your clubs have to meet at lunch or before school. You have dance.
  • Don't throw things at your sister! She has to dance next week
  • That costume needs more rhinestones
  • should dance to this song
  • Are you stretched? (repeat 10x)
  • You painted your nails!!!! Take that off!
  • Sure I can stone that.
  • More hairspray!
  • If you change quickly we can get a quick lunch between solos & awards.
  • Let me spray more glitter on you. I see a bare spot.
  • Don't you think that (costume) should be a two piece?
  • You can't. You have dance.
  • Sure, I'll drive three hours so she can perform one 3 minute dance.
  • You can always buy new underwear. Don't forget the costumes.


  • I don't even want to see the bill. Just pay it & keep quiet.
  • This prop isn't TOO heavy.
  • We have to take her WHERE for nationals?
  • Where is the rest of that costume?
  • I can retire a few years later, let her do another solo.
  • Sure, honey, I'll build you a prop. And rent a U-Haul to get it to competitions.
  • I spent all day at work with glitter on my face. No one told me.
  • What should I fix myself for dinner tonight?
  • So, I took my boss to lunch today and I'm sure he wondered why there were rhinestones in the seat of my car.

Feel free to add your own in the comments!


Unknown on September 1, 2013 at 10:42 AM said...

omg....too many to list

Unknown on September 8, 2013 at 1:16 PM said...

What about "You know you're a dance mom when...."

You know you're a dance mom when....
- You're driving down the road the dance studio is on and you pull in out of habit.
- you've gagged on the drive home when your dancer took their shoes off
- you're not really snobby.. just plain exhausted
- other parents mistake you for a Studio employee
- You know where to buy rhinestones for the best prices
- You have a pen, highlighter and sharpie with you at all times
- you buy more bobby pins in a competition season than most people do in a lifetime.
- you've considered having your paycheck direct deposited into your studio account

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